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If you have an existing or upcoming project that you believe has potential beyond your budget, we have a solution for you.

We're looking to help independent Artists fast-track their growth and exposure with no up-front cost. That's right, free marketing.

If you're new to Partnered Projects - here's a quick intro;

Partnered Projects is a marketing firm that has been in the industry for just over three years. We've spent that time building the largest independent network of playlist curators. This is how we're able to drive millions of listeners to a single track in a matter of weeks. Our direct access to editorial pitching with Spotify & Apple through our distribution branch DistroCat, combined with our independent curator network is what makes us different. No other platform has the ability to move the needle like Partnered Projects.

The Problem

Getting your music heard is difficult. The number of gatekeepers between you and a successful music career is astounding and overwhelming. Setting yourself apart from the rest is hard enough as it is - and unfortunately, talent only really gets you 20% of the way there.

Common Scenario: You release your music independently through a public distributor such as DistroKid and you maintain full ownership - the masters, the creative freedom, the ups and the downs. The downside of this scenario is that unless you're willing to invest a decent chunk of change the project won't have nearly the reach required to make a significant splash.

So either you never give your music the reach it needs for an honest chance at taking off, or risk tens of thousands on a project that may never return your investment. Yikes.

The Solution

Our solution is to help guarantee the success of your project, with zero upfront cost to you. Here's a quick summary of how it works;

1. Partnered Projects distributes your music, this would include access to our direct connections with editorial pitching at Spotify & Apple.

2. Once the project goes live, we would begin to invest our playlist promotion into the specific track(s) we partner up on.

3. Our goal is to see the music click organically with fans - if we can trigger algorithms & activate significant interest in your project - then we pour on the fuel. We have the ability to take a track from 10k daily streams to 100k within just a few weeks.

Our interests could not be more aligned. If the project does well, we both receive the upside. If the project is unsuccesful, we may never fully recover our investment. Because of this, we will be doing everything in our power to ensure the project gets the recognition it deserves.

If this sounds like it might be the right fit for your next project, answer a few questions for us below. We look forward to hear from you.

Questions & Answers

There are three main reasons why someone might want to partner with us on their next project, among many others:

1. Our independent curator network. Example: The results we can drive from a $5,000 campaign would be comparible to an independent artist investing $10,000+.

2. Our editorial connections at Spotify, Apple, Deezer etc... We want these placements just as badly as you do, so we have a team dedicated to ensuring they happen. Having the ability to include the level of promotion expected for specific projects holds a lot of weight with the DSPs.

3. Our guarantee's. We're able to plan 12 months in advance to let you know exactly how many streams we will be delivering on your project minimum. In most cases we're starting campaigns at 1,000,00+ streams minimum.

We're open to all genres, but our specialty lies in EDM / Dance, Pop, Indie, Lofi, Hip Hop, Afro, R&B, Country and Rock.

Unfortunately this is key to our release process. By handling the distribution we're able to ensure everything is set up to our standards. By utilizing our distribution you'll be able to take advantage of our connections at Spotify & Apple. Your chances of landing editorial placements just went up.

We are looking for motivated, hardworking visionaries. An existing fanbase is helpful but not necessarily required. We're looking for artists / independent labels who are focused on the long term goals of their music career. We're looking for good music.

Choose Your Promotion

Search and select the promotion type you're looking for.

Secure Placement

Once confirmed and finalized, your track will be submitted to the curator for approval. If declined, you will be refunded immediately.

Watch It Grow

Once approved, promotion will begin within 24-72 hours (depending on promotion type). It's time to sit back and watch it grow!