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With marketing that’s the only thing that’s going to set you apart from however many other people in the industry trying to get they song heard. That’s where a team like Partnered Projects really steps in and amplifies and understands what your vision is. Partnered Projects becomes the feet on the ground for you so you can get to work on the next song.

Armani White - 10mil Monthly Listeners

I wanna give a huge shoutout to Partnered Projects. I been rapping for a long time so I know what it’s like to be that artist that just wants to lock in the studio, master your craft, and not have to worry about that marketing stuff. But marketing is important, and that’s why you need a team. Partnered Projects is that team for you, shoutout to my dogs go holla at them.

WESTSIDE BOOGIE - Signed to Shady Records

I wanna give a big shoutout to Partnered Projects. I just like to focus on my craft, the music, the artwork. If you’re an up and coming artist out there and you’re independent, and all you wanna do is focus on your music - then I would definitely go with Partnered Projects.

Cooliecut - 100m+ Streams

It takes a team. I’m working with Partnered Projects right now and they’re A1 on the marketing side. I can’t do it all, touring, making music, marketing. These guys help get your music the push it deserves. You can’t just put your music out there, it’s all about the marketing.

Yung Tory - 150mil+ Streams

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