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Indie Playlist Packages

Save the hassle of selecting individual playlists and let us do the heavy lifting.

Playlist Promotion Packages FAQ

1. Select your genre.

2. Select the size of package you're looking for and enter your track name, artist name, and Spotify link.

3. We will connect your track to the best performing playlists within your genre to help achieve and exceed your stream target!

4. Get back to making music, we've got the marketing covered!

If your track is declined you will be immediately refunded.

By purchasing a package you gain access to curators who are not listed directly on our platform. You also gain the expertise of our inhouse tastemakers who specialize in placing each track on the perfect playlist. Our packages are focused on helping you achieve a certain level of streams, whereas our direct placements are not.

Out of respect for our curators we do not link directly to their playlists. They prefer to keep their lists and identity private until an approval has been given on a submission. This helps them avoid a heavy number of unsolicited submissions from low-intent artists.

Once approved you'll be able to view the specific playlist. If declined, you'll be refunded immediately.

We work with a wide range of curators, including but not limited to; influencers, meme account owners, celebrities, musicians, blog owners, labels, DJ's.

Having tested and worked directly with each of our curators, we know how well each playlist performs. With this information we're able to target specific lists to achieve specific stream targets.

Take a guess at who our biggest client is... Surprise, it's us!

That's right, we invest more into our own projects than anyone else using our platform. You can learn more about our investments here.

Botted streams do not pay out royalties, and they put your music at an incredibly high risk of being taken down. We often invest upwards of $50,000 into a single project - you can imagine we would not be willing to risk such an investment by using botted lists, it just wouldn't make sense.

We have not, and will never use botted lists. We hope the streaming platforms can put their heads together and eliminate them once and for all.

Spotify’s payout for artists depends on which country/continent the plays are coming from and if the user is premium or free. The latest average for 2021 is $.00437 per stream.

No, we do not get involved in distribution and therefor we are not involved in your royalty earnings. Please contact your distributor in regards to your master recording royalties, and please contact your PRO in regards to your publishing royalties.

Don't take our word for it...

Choose Your Promotion

Search and select the promotion type you're looking for.

Secure Placement

Once confirmed and finalized, your track will be submitted to the curator for approval. If declined, you will be refunded immediately.

Watch It Grow

Once approved, promotion will begin within 24-72 hours (depending on promotion type). It's time to sit back and watch it grow!