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If you believe your next project has huge potential, Partnered Projects investments might be for you.

We're looking to help independent Artists and Labels cover the upfront marketing costs of their next project.

If you're new to Partnered Projects - here's a quick intro;

Partnered Projects is a distribution & marketing firm that has been in the industry for just over two and a half years. We've spent that time building the largest independent network of playlist curators. This is how we're able to drive millions of listeners to a single track in a matter of weeks. Our direct access to editorial pitching with Spotify & Apple through our distribution branch DistroCat, combined with our independent curator network is what makes us different. No other platform has the ability to move the needle like Partnered Projects.

The Problem

Independent musicians and labels are forced into two less-than-ideal scenarios. The first is to sign with a major label, the second is to remain independent.

Scenario one gives you access to the right tools & audience to ensure success. Unfortunately in most cases the Artist/Indie Label will see little to no direct income from the success of the project. Many independents will find themselves selling their entire back catalog to secure the deal in the first place. More often than not, the labels interest is in the success of the project, not the Artist.

Scenario two allows you to own it all, the masters, the creative freedom, the ups and the downs. The downside of this scenario is that unless you're willing to invest a decent chunk of change the project won't have nearly the same reach or impact the label could provide.

So either sell your creations, pray for the best, or risk tens of thousands on a project that may never return your investment. Yikes.

The Solution

We're looking to help independent Artists and Labels cover the upfront marketing costs of their next project.

Our solution is considered an alternative to signing with a label, one that allows you to maintain full ownership of your masters, publishing, copyrights, and creative freedom. Here's a quick summary of how it works;

1. Partnered Projects distributes your music, this would include access to our direct connections with editorial pitching at Spotify & Apple.

2. Once the project goes live, we would begin to invest the agreed upon amount into specific tracks depending on a number of factors.

3. Over time we would recover our investment through the royalties on the specific project we're partnering up on. Handling the distribution allows us to manage this process with ease.

4. Once we've recovered our investment (Average expected recovery time of 6-9 months) we would reduce our royalties to 20% and increase yours to 80%.

Our interests could not be more aligned. If the project does well, we would recover our investment quickly and can get you back to earning royalties on a project with millions of streams behind it. If the project is unsuccesful, we may never fully recover our investment. Because of this, we will be doing everything in our power to ensure the project gets the recognition it deserves.

If this sounds like it might be the right fit for your next project, answer a few questions for us below. We look forward to hear from you.

Questions & Answers

There are four main reasons why someone might want to partner with us on their next project.

1. We have the capital to cover the upfront costs of your next project. Our investments go up to $100,000 USD and go directly into the promotion of your music. That's money that you would not need to pay out of pocket for at any point.

2. Our independent curator network. Example: The results we can drive from a $25,000 campaign would be comparible to an independent artist investing $50,000+.

3. Our editorial connections at Spotify, Apple, Deezer etc... We want these placements just as badly as you do, so we have a team dedicated to ensuring they happen. Having the ability to include the level of promotion expected for specific projects holds a lot of weight with the DSPs.

4. You maintain ownership of your music. No other platform is willing to invest this heavily without ever owning the copyrights, masters, or publishing.

We're open to all genres, but our specialty lies in EDM / Dance, Pop, Indie, Lofi, Hip Hop, and Rock.

Our investments range from $5,000 USD up to $100,000 USD.

Unfortunately this is key to our investment process. By handling the distribution we're able to ensure our investment is recovered quickly, and with ease. By utilizing our distribution you'll be able to take advantage of our connections at Spotify & Apple. Your chances of landing editorial placements just went up.

We are looking for motivated, hardworking visionaries. An existing fanbase is helpful but not necessarily required. We're looking for artists / independent labels who are focused on the long term goals of their music career. We're looking for good music.

NO, we do not provide advances. We are looking to invest directly into the promotion of your next project.

Choose Your Promotion

Search and select the promotion type you're looking for.

Secure Placement

Once confirmed and finalized, your track will be submitted to the curator for approval. If declined, you will be refunded immediately.

Watch It Grow

Once approved, promotion will begin within 24-72 hours (depending on promotion type). It's time to sit back and watch it grow!