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4 Reasons Why Blog Representation Matters

4 Reasons Why Blog Representation Matters

Kevin Kevin
4 minute read

Are you currently sitting on a sizeable discography that's available on all reputable platforms to stream and download but is just not getting any traction at all? Are your Spotify plays plateauing, no matter how hard you try promoting your music to friends, family, and everyone else on social media? Well, it might be time to look towards blog representation.

Music blogs are a dime a dozen and although their influence on the music industry has diminished, they still play a key role in developing an artist's career. Blog representation is an accessible way to build your brand as an artist, and a meaningful relationship with your existing fans, while at the same time connecting you with new ones. To dig deeper, here are four reasons why blog representation matters.

1. Accessibility

Most artists dream of being featured in well-established music magazines such as Billboard, NME, and Pitchfork. And while hitting the cover page of a publication such as Rolling Stone might make you a bona fide A-list star, getting there usually requires the help of a professional publicist or PR agency. Unless you've just released the hottest track of the year straight from your bedroom studio, reaching that level is unrealistic (at least in the short term).

Cue the everyday music blog. Smaller music publications/sites will be more open to featuring a new and relatively unknown artist's music because that's where their value proposition lie. Given how saturated the blog market is, blogs are constantly chasing to be the first ones to discover the next "cool" track, album, and musician. In music blogs, you'll find a more simple and accessible way to get your music publicized and out there.

2. Brand Value

Whether it be a small music blog focused on a niche genre or a bigger one such as Earmilk or thissongisick, blog representation creates good press value (or negative but in any case, bad press is still press!). Reposting a feature or an interview a blog did on you to your socials is a great way to gain traction and marketability. It can help your fans gain insight into your career and convince out-of-town promoters that you're a legitimate musician worth booking for their next show.

It doesn't stop there. As an artist gains traction amongst smaller blogs, the bigger ones take notice and eventually the major publications want to know what's up. Eventually, all that good press makes an artist attractive to A&R at major labels, who would prefer to spend less off the bat on marketing and branding if they already have someone making waves online.

3. Reach New Audiences

Besides making great music, your second priority should be getting it out to as many people as possible. Blog representation can make music promotion easier and is a cost-effective way to connect to new audiences. You may have established yourself as a household name in your hometown or even in your state/province but national exposure will come from digital advertising and press.

Blogs cater to serious music lovers and tastemakers, and those readers will take your music seriously if it pops up on their favorite feed. Importantly, they won't care if you don't have a million followers on Instagram or a certified Platinum release, they'll give you and your music the time of day to win them over. You may not gain enough new listeners to fill a stadium-sized concert but you'll start building fanbases across the country and globe.

4. Build Meaningful Connections With Your Current Followers

Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok have allowed fans to get a peek into the lives of their favorite artists. These are important tools to connect and engage with your fans and keep them up to date on your latest releases and upcoming shows. You'll need to keep up with the grind of posting new content and while necessary, it can become tiring. A professional blogger doing an in-depth feature or interview can help ease the burden.

Blog representation, particularly interviews, can provide you with a more structured outlet to share your thoughts, writing process, ideas and so much more. While you get some good press out of it, your fans get to better understand what makes your music and you, you!

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